All Neutrocork® Premium and Qork® stoppers now feature Xpür®, the world’s most advanced and greenest micro agglomerated anti-TCA technology.

Amorim’s R&D has partnered with the field’s leading experts to bring supercritical fluid technology well into the 21st Century, launching Xpür® the world’s greenest and most ecient anti-TCA technology for micro agglomerated corks.

A highly eective process, the Xpür® system cleanses cork using less energy, creating a positive impact on the planet. This groundbreaking process allows for the removal of TCA and other sensory-deviation molecules that may exist in the granules, without compromising cork’s natural properties. At the molecular level, cork’s elastic, physical mechanical features remain intact, without the need to use any artificial components.

Alles Kork
Ganz natürlich. Ganz neutral.

The technicality of nature

Containing a minimum of 80% natural cork granules enveloped by a binding agent with 100% vegetable polyols sourced from wine grape seed oil, Qork® is the world’s most sustainable and advanced micro agglomerated cork stopper.

Featuring Xpür®, the innovative, 21st Century supercritical fluid technology, Qork® allows for a robust and even deeper cleansing of cork’s cellular structure, delivering non-detectable TCA performance and eliminating other volatile substances that could trigger sensory deviations, while keeping the natural characteristics of cork intact.

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